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Several trophies played for by Leeds schools are named in honour of Hunslet RLFC players.

1.The GILSTON CUP is played for by Under 12 boys. He was the man who wanted the Hunslet Cricket and Athletic Club to start a rugby team. Can you find a picture of Gilston in the archive? Find an article about him and see what other sports he played.

2.The HECTOR CROWTHER CUP is played for by Under 16 boys. See if you can find him on a team photograph. You will have to look through the mid-1920s team photos. What position do you think he played - a forward who did lots of tackling, or a back who could run fast?

3.The JOHN CULLEY CUP is played in Primary Schools as a 7 a side tournament. He was a famous player when young, but can you find a picture of him as an old man?

4.The GOLDTHORPE CUP for Under 13 girls is a new trophy: the GOLDTHORPE CUP for Under 13 boys is, we think, the oldest trophy still in use in schools' rugby league. Five brothers played for Hunslet and in two matches, four of them played together. Two of the brothers also had connections to Leeds rugby club. The most famous was Albert Edward Goldthorpe. Can you find a picture of him with the four cups of rugby league? Walter was the next most famous. Find him in the archive. If you look in The Armistice section of the archive, you will find the names of the other 3 brothers. What were the names of all five, and what jobs did they have?

There is a website just for the Goldthorpe Family in rugby league. Have a look at it and find out more about these 5 lads from Stourton and Belle Isle.